mother’s day texas-style

Is there any more pie???IMG_0948

Story Man and I went to HEB, the local supermarket chain, Sunday morning.

We were greeted with a Wall of Pie.

Texas strawberry-berry pie.

There were Mother’s Day balloons on the ceiling, their ribbons hanging down just low enough for little children to jump up and down to try to grabIMG_0946

Lots of jumping and lots of Pie?  Welcome to a holiday in Austin!

There were flower bouquets, of course.


And bouquets that weren’t flowers.


In the midst of the festivity, Story Man and I managed to fill the cart with practical and necessary groceries.  My Italian meat sauce is in high demand  with my Texas sons so I will be making a triple batch on Tuesday.

We headed up to see the Round Rock Family and spent the afternoon and evening eating and laughing and playing and talking.

We ate take-out Chinese (my daughter-in-law’s Mother’s Day wish) and Strawberry-berry pie.  Of course.  It was the first thing in our HEB shopping cart, after all.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.  I hope your day was filled with flowers or chocolate or hugs or phone calls…and maybe even a decadent slice of pie.

Mothers deserve pie.

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1 Response to mother’s day texas-style

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Sounds like a good time all around.

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